International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics

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    Awards granted

    The awards for the best presentation at ICCVG 2020 and the best PhD thesis in 2018-2019 have been granted.

    See the best presentation award laureates and the best PhD thesis in 2018-2019 award laureates at the pages of the Association for Image Processing – TPO.

    The results can also be seen in a presentation shown during the closing of the conference.

    Proceedings published in LNCS, vol. 12334

    The volume 12334 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, with the proceedings of the Conference, has just been published.

    The registered participants of the Conference have received a 4 weeks access to the papers of the volume, starting from Sept 10. From this date you have the information after logging in to this conferecnce service. Additionally, the participants receive the access to the whole volume as a navigable file, for own use.

    Edit, 2020.09.23

    See the published book at Springer .

    Conference program

    The conference program is ready. Please see Conference | Program .

    Trials and testing day: Sept 08, 09: 00-14: 00 CEST (edited)

    On Tuesday, September 08, 09: 00-14: 00 CEST, we shall have the informal trials and testing day. The active users will receive an e-mail with a link to the meeting in the morning on Tuesday, before the beginning of the event.

    During the trials and testing you will be able to check your connection, make a trial of your lecture or presentation, and check how the group discussions will go on.

    As we have announced before, the conference will be held on the MS Teams platform ( see the previous news item ). If you have already used MS Teams and if your e-mail for MS Teams is different from the one you used in the registration for ICCVG, plese send it to out e-mail address ASAP.

    The active users are:

    • Lecturers of the Invited Lectures,
    • Authors of the papers for which the conference fee was paid,
    • Participants without a paper who paid the fee,
    • Special invited guests,
    • Organizers of the conference.

    Please check your status and the status of your paper after logging in. Please let us know in case of any inconsistencies.

    The time we use is the Central European Summer Time (CEST), that is, UTC + 2. You can check the time zones and time differences for example at TIME.IS .

    At present, the time and date in Warsaw is: 4:06:00 PM , Saturday, 2 January 2021 .

    Edit, 2020.09.05 and 2020.09.07

    You will not have to log in to MS Teams (although you can). The access to ICCVG will be provided by us and you will participate as a guest, with full rights to receive and broadcast video and voice. If you have MS Teams credentials you can use them to log in, but if you don’t then you can simply give your first name and given name to be visible as just you.

    The access link will be sent to you by e-mail to the address you have given in your data when registering to ICCVG web service, or to the other address you have given to us for this purpose.

    Software platform for the conference (edited)

    The conference will be held in the Internet with the use of the Microsoft Teams platform.

    Using the platform is free of any charge. It can be used either through your web browser or as the software installed for free in your hardware. Visit the MS Teams web service . We recommend installing the software – it will operate in a more stable way, independently of the limiatations of your browser.

    Edit, 2020.09.05

    You will not have to log in to MS Teams (although you can).

    Proceedings in LNCS: vol. 12334

    The volume of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, with the proceedings of the Conference will have the number 12334.

    You can visit the ICCVG conference series in Springer to see the past conferences. This one will appear there.

    Payment by card available

    Payment by card is available now – see “ Participate | Conference fee “.

    Fees adjusted

    The information on the conference fee are now available: “Participate | Conference fee”.

    ICCVG 2020 will be held as an Internet event only

    Dear Participants in ICCVG 2020,

    The International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics will be held as an Internet event only.

    This is related to the legal state in Poland, and consequently, at our University. We have just received an information that this state is planned to last until September 30. Therefore, we are not able to reliably plan a physical meeting, so we have made this final decision today.

    The relevant information will be updated in the web page successively. We shall also inform you about the resources with which you will be able to fully participate in the Conference, as if you were present with us in Warsaw.

    Please watch the News section for up-to-date information.